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Magic Water Book 12 Twelve Exploration Scene | Creative Children Magical Drawing Books with Pen (Random Design books)


The water drawing book is specially designed for baby, kids or children. It only needs water to draw on the book and the only dye is water. You will not have to worry about kids eating it and using it to dirty themselves or house. It is fascinating magical coloring book with the help of a brush marker which must be filled with water and then drawn over a sheet of pictures, color, bright and saturated images appear. It can immediately change after drawing and a few minutes later the drawing things will disappeared. It is reusable and can play with again and again. It gives you a chance to bond with your baby, a warm moment together.  It can develop your kid’s intelligence, thinking and interest.


  • [Reusable] — Pages that fill with vibrant color when wet and naturally disappear after 5-10 minutes later dry, kids can draw and play again. The reuseful fun water drawing book are not a single-use item.
  • Water drawing books have clear and diverse patterns and colorful colors, so children can draw while getting to know alphabet and transportation, learning while playing and having fun, cultivating children’s interest in learning and building a bridge for them to explore the world.
  •  Draw with water and magic pen-no paint is required, all you need is tap water. No more dirty clothes or messy room. Colored area will gradually fade after about 5 to 10 minutes as the colored areas dry, and the pages can be colored again.
  • This drawing book gives you a chance to bond with your baby, a warm moment together. At the same time, it is an promotion fine motor skills, like early writing skills, drawing skills and visual discrimination.
  • FOR THE CREATIVE KIDS the ones willing to step outside of the box. By exploring the endless possibilities, your kids will revive a dormant fire of creativity; From then on, the possibilities are endless.
  • Reusable drawing board,once you color,the pictures are very vivid and colorful.As soon as they dry the colored areas disappear and the pages can be colored again and againright in the front cover, so Water Wow books make ideal travel activity books and travel toys for kids

Note: Color and Character will be send as per Availability


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