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Magnetic Window Cleaner | Triangle Double Sided Magnetic Glass Cleaning Brush(random color )


1. Release the power of magnets: Long-lasting, wear-resistant double-sided magnetic window cleaner provides unrivaled cleaning power for tall windows. The soft brush provides a good cleaning effect, leaving no stains or stains.

2. PRACTICAL AND: Our double-sided magnetic window cleaner boasts an innovative design with built-in water storage sponge and ABS material structure. With its secure grip and practicality, you don’t have to worry about frequently refilling the water or accidentally dropping it.

3. Easy to Hold: This double-sided magnetic window cleaner has an ergonomic design and sturdy non-slip handle for comfortable and safe use.

4. Innovative Corner Cleaning: With its unique, modern design and triangle shape, this double-sided magnetic window cleaner can clean into narrow areas of your windows and clean corners more thoroughly.

5. Ensuring enhanced safety: Protect yourself while using the double-sided magnetic window cleaner with the long drop arrest rope fitted. Tie the rope to your hand to prevent it from falling and clean the glass more safely. Clean with confidence.

6. Turn on and wet the cleaning brush, then apply dish-washing liquid to the cleaning pad of the brush. Rub the two cleaning pads together to create a foam. Wear the safety cord of the cleaning brush in your hand to prevent it from falling. Install a cleaning brush with a safety cord on the outside of the glass and another cleaning brush on the inside, facing each other. Scrape the glass with the cleaning pad facing upward. Soak the cleaning brush in water to clean it, then wipe off the dust with a towel.

7. Different thickness corresponds to different specifications. We recommend choosing a larger size depending on the thickness of your glass.

8. Suitable for ordinary single-layer glass, it is suitable for single layer thick glass, it is suitable for ordinary double-layer glass, Do not use this product on cracked glass. Before using this product, remove any cement or other hardening substances from the glass and ensure that the cleaner is free of impurities.


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