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(Pack Of 2) EMS Massager for Neck & Foot Combo Pack With rechargable Battery


Smart Mini Portable Ems Shoulder Massager and Neck Pulse cervical or Butterfly EMS Massager

  • Smart Mini Portable Ems Shoulder Massager
  • Relax the body: Eliminate flabby arms and armpit fat, relieve muscle discomfort, activate muscle pressure, to achieve a soothing effect
  • Mini convenient: The massage pad is small and mini
  • Multiple functions: Lymphatic Drainage Massage Pad machine has 6 massage methods to provide comfortable massage for all kinds of discomfort in your body.
  • Charging fast waiting for Captain : USB charging can provide more stable power supply, longer service life. It can be used continuously for 8 hours after 0.5 hours of charging.
  • Wide range of application: Massage pads can also be widely used in different parts of the body, such as arms, neck, shoulders, legs. It’s for everyone.

Electric Foot Massagers or Circulation Booster for feet and Legs Foldable USB Rechargeable

  • 【EMS Leg Reshaping Foot Massager】A soft and comfortable foot pad, easy to carry anywhere, can be dried with a wet towel after use. Electric foot massager offers different treatment modes and intensity for your soles and body. Use EMS technology for foot, ankle, achilles tendon and calf muscle massage, to promote blood circulation and relax the feet. (NOTE: not to use if you have a pace maker or high blood pressure; Please take off your socks before use and put your 2 foot on the foot pad.)
  • 【6 Modes 9 lntensity】Massage, knead, scrape, elbow pressure, acupuncture, cupping, multiple modes to simulate the effect of real massage, experience the joy of foot massage; Foot massager are 9 levels of adjustable intensity directly stimulate the acupuncture points, slow down physical and mental fatigue, improve sleeping. 15 minutes is a course of treatment, when time is due, it is automatically shut off.(Recommendation: Choose the 1 level for the first use)
  • 【Easy To Operate】The foot massager uses 3 buttons to control different functions. After installing the foot massager on the main unit, you must first put 2 feet on the foot massager; and then click the main unit “+” with your hands-select your favorite mode by “M”; Then click “+” again, until that the words 1, 2, 3, 4, 5—9 appear on the display.
  • 【USB Charging】EMS foot massager with built-in rechargeable battery can be charged by USB charging cable more conveniently, you can connect the USB cable to the laptop/desktop/power bank and phone charger USB port for charging. (NOTE: The red light is on when charging, and the power will automatically turn off when fully charged.)
  • 【Widely Applicable】Suitable for all foot types. Ideal for travelers, middle-aged and elderly people, dancers, office crowds who sit/stand,woman especially wear high heels.

Detail: EMS Leg Reshaping Foot Massager Promotes Blood Circulation, Relaxes Your Feet for Home and Office Use.


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